9 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I just found your music a few months ago and can’t stop listening to it thank you all that u do from you trucker to another

  2. Cool website Wayne $. It was great to see you last weekend. Enjoyed having dinner with you guys. Love your truck and gotta get a CD or two. Green Valley Neighbors.

  3. just found your sight. cool dill talking to ya earlier on the ray d o. lol! thats for Ray. thanks for what u do. keep on truckin! and writing poems! midnight man

  4. Doubt you remember me. But I bought all 3 of your CDs (when you just came out with #3. I drove for Dee King Trucking. I lost all 3 CDs through a divorce and I need to replace them. Now you have #4. So I need to get all 4. My name is Kenny Wheeler handle is “Outlaw” but I’ve been trying to find you for awhile now. Now that I have I’m going to get all 4 CDs. Your previous work was outstanding and I know you outdid yourself with number 4. You being a trucker yourself (especially a Bullhauler) you know our way of life from a brothers perspective. I look forward to listening to. These CDs. Will there be a #5? God bless you Dollar and keep up the good work!!!